Top Tips to Help You Boost Your Membership Growth

Are you looking to increase your membership growth? This is a continuous battle that countless organisations around the world are facing, with the challenges of retaining existing members and enticing newcomers only becoming more difficult.

However, while the challenges of increasing your membership have never been more challenging, there are several tips to help you boost your growth rate. To help you, we have taken a closer look at some of the best ways you can maximise your membership:

1) Create a clear vision

When it comes to boosting your membership growth, the first thing that you should do is identify a clear concept of how you want your membership to grow. When outlining your vision, it is vital that you understand who your audience is, how you want them to engage with you, and what they will benefit from by becoming a member.

When you have a holistic overview of who your audience is, you can then start to create targeted growth goals. These goals should focus on both short-term and long-term ambitions, and you should develop a clear action plan and strategy on how you will achieve these.

2) Target the right segment

Of course, when it comes to approaching new members, you need to ensure that you are targeting the right people. While it can be tempting to extend your marketing out to as many people as possible, if they are not interested in your services or products, then they will be significantly less likely to become a member.

Not only does targeting the wrong audience result in fewer new members, but it can also be an incredibly costly process. That is why although it can be a time-consuming process, identifying your market segment is a worthwhile investment.

3) Provide meaningful content

For many organisations, boosting membership growth is predominantly focused on attracting new members. However, retaining existing members is also vital. That is why you should also focus on ensuring that you are providing the most meaningful content and programs possible.

The more value you are offering your members, the more likely they will be to renew when the time comes. This means offering them exclusive content, regular insights, and unique information that they cannot get anywhere else without being a member.

However, providing meaningful content and programs does not only help to increase retention rates. When you are able to demonstrate to interested parties the value that they will receive by becoming members, it makes you a more enticing prospect.

4) Engage your members

Another great way to increase retention and boost membership growth is to ensure that you are regularly engaging with your members. Engaging with members is a multifaceted approach, but one of the primary factors is to ensure you are periodically contacting your subscribers. This can be conducted in a range of different ways, but as the world becomes increasingly more digital, the use of newsletters and social media is becoming increasingly more popular.

However, engagement is not just about talking to your members. You should also be listening to what they have to say. Analysing the activities and messages that they respond to most frequently, and listening to their direct feedback, can help you to develop new strategies to keep your subscribers interacting with your brand.

5) Maximise digital marketing

Digital marketing is an essential tool for anyone looking to maximise their membership growth. There are an estimated 4.48 billion people using some form of social media today, which means these platforms are essential in helping you to reach both existing and new members alike.

Regularly utilising these channels helps you to engage with your audience on a far more personal level. This relaxed informal way of communication helps to build a stronger rapport with members, increasing the likelihood of renewal while also making you appear more personable and interesting to prospective members.

Utilising digital marketing is two fold. Not only is it a great way for your members to access important information with ease, it helps you understand and anayse their social media preferences and tailor your contents to targeted segments.

6) Entice subscribers in

While digital marketing and communication can be a great way to help you showcase all of the benefits that being a member can bring, sometimes potential subscribers still need a little extra encouragement. That is why a great way to boost your membership growth is to entice new subscribers in.

One of the best ways to do this is to offer new members a free trial. This gives them the chance to see all of the benefits that becoming a member provides, making them more likely to sign up for the full package once the trial ends. In fact, one recent study found that 89% of companies that offered a free trial had a 50% conversion rate within 30 days.

Of course, you should not just focus on enticing new subscribers in. You should also look at strategies to help you retain your existing members, and one of the best methods of doing this is to offer discounted prices for renewals or additional extras for long-term members.

7) Build credibility

Credibility is crucial when it comes to boosting membership growth, and testimonials are a great way to showcase positive member experiences. 72% of individuals state that reading positive testimonials from genuine customers makes them significantly more likely to use that brand.

8) Membership software platforms – Benefits


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