Association Management Support

Non-profit organisations, professional associations, clubs and charitable foundations are often established and run by volunteers.  Often the core functions of an association are not the main skill set of the volunteers nor are these jobs often interesting.  For a successful association, club or charity to grow there is an underlying need for committed, experienced, professional administration and management.  They may choose to hire their own staff to or outsource the responsibilities to an association management company (AMC). With a streamlined management plan, AMC can control the affairs of an organization and help it grow.
In general members of an association, clubs and charities are keen to steer the organization or provide expertise, oversight, strategy or adhoc support when convenient, but often find it’s the administrative duties and daily activities associated with the management of the organization laborious.
What is an association management company, AMC?
An association management company offers outsourced administrative and management services to associations. AMCs often manage several associations with a team of experienced and dedicated staff, who know how associations work and what helps grow membership. The managed associations enjoy benefits such as shared purchasing power, technology systems and access to professional staff. An AMC can save your association or organization both money and time.
Like any small business a standalone professional association or club, that is growing needs at least a general manager, a membership manager (who does everything else that the GM does not do) and a bookkeeper (full or part time), this overhead alone can make or break the association, club or charity before it has even started.  An AMC can not only be engaged to fulfil these rolls, but help guide on membership management and growth, digital presence and systems, event and conference management, provide access to best practices and consistent presence representing the organization (no matter who may be on holiday).
It is not all or nothing an association may allow an AMC to take over all or only some of its management duties and functions, it may already have a GM that needs backend support without the head count and it may be for the long haul or simply during an intensive establishment or growth period, setting the foundation for the organization to have its own staff in the future.
Advantages of outsourcing your organization’s management
  1. Association, Club and Charity Administration Professionals Organizations pay less for expert staff when they pool their resources together. The overhead cost of other functional services such as organizing annual meetings provided by the association management firm is also less. Organizations with limited resources can have access to facilities and technology through an association management company.
  2. Best practices – An AMC will keep you informed of the latest member and association management strategies, regulation, corporate structure that will help you grow in numbers and professional reputation. They can introduce the practices that have benefitted another associations or organizations.
  3. Latest technology – Associations can have access to the most up-to-date association management technology through partnering with an AMC, imagine an automated membership system that provides both the members portal and back ends directly into the accounting software. The AMC can also provide the expertise needed to implement the technology.
  4. Continuity – As the leadership of an association, club or charity changes, continuity becomes an issue, the team provided by an AMC help mitigate any upheaval and ensure that the members come first.
  5. Membership management – An association, club or charity is only as strong as its members or supporters.  Membership management is key. An AMC has the systems to help collect and validate contact information, aid collection of dues and communicate.
  6. Event management – Many associations, clubs and charities focus on at least one or two events per year, this may include conferences, seminars and webinars, networking functions, awards and dinners.  An AMC can help support the function pre, during and post or as required manage the whole function from inception through to delivery.
An association management company, AMC, can satisfy the administration and management needs of associations, clubs or charities. It can offer services in functional areas such as administration, accounting, financial planning, marketing and communications, and membership development. It can also assist in all parts of an organization’s management. Partner with an AMC that will provide effective solutions to your organization and support its growth.
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