How To Maximise Your Member Engagement

While overall membership numbers are crucial to any successful organisation, without your members engaging with your content, those subscribers will soon start to dwindle. Engaged members are happy members, which not only makes them more likely to renew their subscription but also to recommend your organisation to their friends and family.
However, how do you boost your membership engagement? This can be a complex and confusing process, so to help you, we have taken a closer look at some of the best strategies you can adopt to maximise your engagement rates.

What is membership engagement?

Before looking at some of the top tips to maximise engagement, it is first important to understand exactly what it refers to. Engagement is all about how your members interact with your organisation and how important you are to their day-to-day lives.
The more value you are able to add to their lives and the stronger the relationships you have with your members, the more likely they are to remain part of your organisation.

How to increase your member engagement 

There are many methods you can use to boost your engagement, but some of the most effective solutions include:
Membership engagement should start from the moment they join your organisation. That is why you should focus on making them feel more welcome straight away. Small welcome packages such as branded apparel or sweet treats are a great way to make them immediately feel part of the family.
During the onboarding process, you should also make sure that each new member has a personal point of contact, allowing them to ask any questions that might arise over the opening stages.
Provide plenty of information 
Another great way to improve engagement with your members is to ensure that they always have the most up to date information possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ensure that you have an informative and easy to navigate website, allowing users to check out the latest news with ease whenever they like.
Utilising digital marketing strategies such as email newsletters and social media can also help you to ensure that your members are always able to find the information they need. However, when it comes to communicating, you need to ensure that you are finding the right balance that your members want. Too much or too little, and you will risk losing them as members.
It is also important that your communications are relevant to each member. Research has shown that 47% of members typically find the content irrelevant, which can erode the trust and connection they feel with your organisation over time.
Focus on customer service 
Customer service is the backbone of any successful engagement drive. When your subscribers know that they can contact your team whenever an issue might occur, they will feel that they are supported and cared for.
Effective communication is crucial, and taking the time to go above and beyond will make your members more likely to renew and stay part of your organisation. On average, just 55% of members feel that they have a connection with an organisation, so make sure that your customer service team is always on hand to help.
Build an active community 
Another fantastic way to bolster your membership engagement rates is to create a community. When members are able to connect with each other, they will develop a bond and will want to remain part of your organisation for a long time.
While local activations can be beneficial, you should focus on building an online community. This ensures that no matter where your members are based, they will be able to engage with each other whenever they like all year round.
Focus on long-term benefits 
When it comes to maximising engagement, ensuring that your subscribers are continuously feeling the benefit of being a member. While welcome packs and freebies can make a great first impression, they are not going to keep subscribers engaged for long. That is why you need to ensure you are continuously providing them with reasons to remain a member and part of your organisation.
You could also consider implementing a reward scheme, rewarding members for their longevity with your organisation. You should also consider investing in membership management software, as this can help you to better manage the experience of your subscribers.
Working to develop discounts with partners is one of the most popular long-term benefits that an organisation can offer. Organizations typically form sponsorship opportunities with relevant vendors/partners. This enables them to extend discounts on services to their members. Members feel valued in the long run and you can also develop close partnerships with key industry figures.
Listen to your members 
Listening to your members and responding to their suggestions is essential in helping to maximise your engagement rates. The feedback from your existing members can be crucial in helping you to develop a clear strategy for the future that will boost interaction and ensure you are always providing the very best experience for your members.

Looking to maximise your membership engagement?

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